Central California Coast

Living in the Monterey Bay area gives me plenty of opportunities to sketch some of the most beautiful coastline in the country.  From bikerides on 17-mile drive to trips down the coast to Big Sur, I find great pleasure in painting the rocky shoreline landscapes and the creatures that live in local tidepools.  Field sketching is a method by which I practice my observation skills and ability to capture light and shadow.  This practice carries into the studio when I am creating science illustrations.

PNW Road Trip

In summer 2018, I took off on a solo road trip through California, Oregon, and Washington.  I camped in some amazing spots, made plans and adventures as I went, stayed with good friends, and field-sketched all along the way.  These pages capture the diversity of plants, habitats, and scenery available to travelers on the west coast.

Vintage Cars (and sometimes bicycles)

Through field sketching, I've discovered a love for vintage cars.  Fortunately, living in the Monterey Bay area gives me plenty of opportunities to encounter many vintage automobiles, including Volkswagens, Studebakers, MGs, Bentleys, BMWs, etc.  I also take advantage of annual Monterey Car Week events, setting up to field sketch my favorite cars in the shows.

Baja, Mexico

December 2016, I loaded up in a truck with 3 of my friends and went on an expedition to Baja.  We drove down the west coast, through the desert, and across to the Sea of Cortez.  Our boat came within inches of gray whales in Guerrero Negro, we swam with sea lions and went diving around the islands of Bahia de los Angeles, and explored the beautiful desert landscapes of Catavina.  We even managed to find some hot springs in Puertecitos.  I fell in love with Baja and will certainly be back.  These sketches are from the few moments when we weren't on the move - time spent relaxing by the beach and enjoying the silence of volcanic mountains in the desert.

Friday Harbor, Washington

During my summer fellowship at Friday Harbor Laboratories in 2016, I often spent the late afternoons and evenings exploring and enjoying the beautiful panoramic views of the San Juan Islands.  These watercolor sketches are pages from my field sketching notebook that I carried on hikes, drives, and worm collecting expeditions.